Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yankees Lose Game, Series Again

The Yankees had another chance to win a series yesterday, but they didn't take it. Specifically, Joe Girardi didn't take it.

I'm all for resting players these days.  It's not the 1950s. Today's MLB schedule is a tough one. However, when you have a chance to do something you haven't done in over a month, you have to take that chance. Guys should not have been resting yesterday. 

Jordan Montgomery seemed to be resting in the second inning. I did like the fact that Girardi left him in to work things out, which he did. The problem was that the offense didn't pick him up after that. Yankees hitters managed just one run off Twins starter Jose Berrios, and they were shut down by the Minnesota bullpen.

Let's hope Todd Frazier's okay after being hit in the hand in his second Yankees at-bat. Assuming he is, it will be interesting to see how this 1B/3B platoon will work with him, Chase Headley and Garrett Cooper.  No more "Ji-Man is a He-Man" calls by John Sterling, and Rob Refsnyder's days in the Yankee organization might be over, as both men have been DFA'd. Refsnyder's case was very weird. Up until this year, it was a mystery as to why he wasn't called up, and this year, it was a mystery as to why he was kept up. Oh, well.

On to Seattle where, hopefully, things will improve. I love tonight's pitching match-up: Luis Severino vs Felix Hernandez. I'm looking forward to the two innings I'll see before I fall asleep.

For Starters
Can we stop talking about the Yankees trading for a stud starting pitcher already? All the good starters on the market will cost major prospects. Unless they can get a middle to back-end of the rotation guy, they won't trade for a starter.

The Yankees already have enough candidates to replace Michael Pineda: Chance Adams, Bryan Mitchell, Chad Green, Domingo German, and Adam Warren are all possibilities. I think we'll see one of these guys claim the spot sooner or later.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yankees Beat Big Sexy, Make Sexy Trade

Rumors of the trade began right around the time Bartolo Colon took the mound to make his Twins debut. They continued as Big Sexy mowed the Yankees down in the early innings, and after he was finally knocked out by Gary Sanchez's two-run double. Shortly after Aroldis Chapman closed out the 6-3 win, the trade was final.

Yankees get- 1B/3B Todd Frazier, RHP David Robertson, RHP Tommy Kahnle

White Sox get- RHP Tyler Clippard, OF Blake Rutherford, LHP Ian Clarkin, OF Tito Polo

I'm not blown away by Todd Frazier, since he's only a rental. However, if that's what it took to re-acquire David Robertson, who still has a year on his deal, then so be it. Also, Tommy Kahnle seems to be a good pickup, an arm they had in the past but couldn't keep.

Good riddance Tyler Clippard! I love the fact that they dropped him relatively quickly (although, it could have been quicker), rather acting like he's extorting them, a la Stephen Drew. As for Blake Rutherford, it really hurts to see him go, but there were a ton of outfielders ahead of him. Also, I'm sure the greedy White Sox would not have agreed to the deal had Rutherford not been included.

A big welcome to Tommy and the Todd Father. Welcome home D-Rob.

Now it's time for the Yankees to win a series. Montgomery vs Berrios today. Get 'er done.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Yankees Lose Opener Against Twins

The aftermath of that good showing in Boston reared its ugly head last night in Minnesota. A 16-inning game, followed the next day by a double header, will do that to you.

After Bryan Mitchell threw 90 pitches in five innings, the Yankees trailed the Twins 2-1. Apparently, only Adam Warren and Dellin Betances were available out of the bullpen, but only to protect a lead. So Joe Girardi turned to rookie lefty Caleb Smith, who made his MLB debut. If you saw the game, you know the rest of the story. Another loss, the 21st in 30 games. Minnesota moved to within a half game of the Yankees in the Wild Card Standings. The surprising Tampa Bay Rays, who hold the first Wild Card, are ahead of the Yankees in the division by a game and a half. 

It's a tight race that got a little tighter last night, not just because of the Boston aftermath. Why was Didi Gregorius bunting in the eighth inning?  That was a terrible decision on his part. Girardi has to know that no one really believes he was okay with what Didi did.

One of the bright moments of the game was the offense of 1B Garrett Cooper. He went 3-4 and picked up his first MLB RBI. I'm guessing Cooper faced the Twins' Adalberto Mejia in the Pacific Coast League. (I was flipping channels, so if it was mentioned on YES, I missed it.) In any case, seeing that much production from 1B was wonderful sight for sore eyes.

Tonight everyone's favorite fat guy, Bartolo Colon, will make his Twins debut. If the Yankees can't beat Big Sexy, there is a serious problem with this team. Get 'er done.

Pain Relief
Michael Pineda will have his TJ Surgery today. Best wishes to him for a full recovery. Also, Greg Bird will miss at least six more weeks after his own surgery today, on that right ankle. I'm glad they finally found out what the problem is with him. I was beginning to wonder if I should believe that Yankees "insider." See you soon, Birdie.

Trader Joe?
Yeah, Brian Cashman is the one who makes the trades, but I'm sure Girardi has a say. Anyway, can everyone just take a deep breath? Try to remember that no one expected this team to win a World Series this year. If that were expected of them, it would make perfect sense to acquire someone like Sonny Gray.

With Pineda's departure, however, the Yankees could probably use another starter. With innings limits on both Jordan Montgomery and Chance Adams, it might be a good idea to acquire someone who can eat some. The bigger priority, however, is the bullpen. I would love to see a return of David Robertson. But the White Sox are so damn greedy. I can't wait to see what eventually goes down.