Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Night Proves Triple Play Is Sabathia's Best Friend

It's hard to believe that CC Sabathia has been on the mound during the last three triple plays the New York Yankees have turned.  After the third one last night, my lately failing memory came to life and I remembered that Sabathia was pitching during the odd one that occurred last year. I'm sure you remember it:

Yes, it was that one, on April 12, 2013, the one that was scored 4-6-5-6-5-3-4.  What an unbelievable sequence of outs.

The best part about that particular triple play was what happened after it was completed: Sabathia and the Yankee infielders celebrated like nine-year-olds, and it was so cool to watch.

As they did last night, they won that game.  If I remember correctly, they weren't so lucky in the first Sabathia triple play.  Still fun to watch though.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yes, The Cubs, But Still, A Great Day For The Yankees

They swept the doubleheader. It was a double shut-out. Masahiro Tanaka looked the way he did last year in Japan.  Michael Pineda looked almost the way he did a few years ago in Seattle.  All around, it was a great day for the New York Yankees.


They did all of this against the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs might be the worst team in Major League Baseball.

Because of that should we toss out everything the Yankees did yesterday with this morning's bath water?

Of course not.

If you believe what the Yankees did was equivalent to used bath water, then why don't the Cubs get shut out everyday?  Unless they never ever cross the plate, there is no reason to minimize what the Yankees did.  Also, if they were this bad everyday, any pitcher would be able to do what Tanaka and Pineda did.  Now, be honest. Can you really picture CC Sabathia dominating the Chicago Cubs at this point in his career?

So, stop the hating, haters.  Though it would have meant more if they'd done it against a better team, they still did it, and it still has meaning.

Congratulations to the New York Yankees.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Iconic Cubs & Yankees Set To Square Off At The Stadium Wednesday

After a rain-out on Tuesday, two historic Major League franchises--the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs--will play their first ever regular season game at the new Yankee Stadium Wednesday afternoon, as part of a day-night doubleheader . The two teams played an exhibition set when the building opened in 2009, with the Yankees winning both games pretty easily.

Will the Yankees have the same success Wednesday?  Examining the histories of both teams, along with their current rosters, can lead many fans to believe that the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.”  Knowing this affirmative answer can lead some of you (Don’t deny it!) to check the betting odds for the game. You can view odds for MLB at

Back to the history. The Yankees and Cubs are two of the most iconic teams in both the history of baseball and the history of sports. Of course, they are on two different parts of the history spectrum, with the Yankees having won 27 World Championships (the latest in 2009) and the Cubs only two (the latest in 1908).  Other than that difference, however, the two teams share some wonderful things:

 Historic ballparks- Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium

Classic Logos- The Cubs Circled C and the Yankees Interlocking NY

Iconic Players like the Cubs’ Ernie Banks and the Yankees’ Don Mattingly

Game Day Traditions like Celebrity sing-a-longs (Cubs) and the Bleacher Creatures (Yankees)

The list goes on and on. We will see some of those on Wednesday, when likely game one starter Masahiro Tanaka takes the mound for the Yankees and Jason Hammel does the same for the Cubs. Tanaka is just getting his feet wet in the Major Leagues, having gone 1-0 with a 3.21 ERA in his first two starts.  Hammel is 2-0 this season with a 2.63 ERA.  Yankee batters, however, have a .325 average against him, with eight home runs and 31 RBIs.

More specifically against Hammel, Derek Jeter is 7-22 against him with one home run and one double. Ichiro Suzuki is 8-20 with two RBIs.  Kelly Johnson is the Yankee with the most success off Hammel: 8-27 with two home runs and six RBIs.

Tanaka, of course, has no record against the Cubs.  I will venture to say, however, that his experience will translate well against the Chicago Cubs, who, for many reasons, have never been worse than they are now. Don’t hold me to it, though. Until Tanaka has had a few more starts, it will be hard to say with complete conviction how he will fare as a Major League pitcher.

So, Cubs vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium. It should be a fun afternoon for all involved.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Podcast #37- The First 13: Looking Back, Looking Forward

This episode of the podcast is devoted to a recap of the Yankees first 13 games of the season, as well as a preview, of sorts, of what's to come:

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Next episode, next month.  Enjoy, and, as always, thanks for listening!