Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yankees Embarrased in Lopsided Loss to Marlins

Maybe this is what the Yankees needed.

Yes a blowout, at home, at the hands of what amounts to a AAA team is just what the Yankees may need to kick start this .500 team. Sixteen games into the season the Yankees are indeed a .500 team. Sixteen of 162 games is only 9.88% of the season. Even good teams play .500 ball in a sixteen game stretch. Then again, the Yankees fired a manager after 16 games (Yogi in 1985) and another manager after 20 games (Johnny Keane in 1966)

Aaron Boone isn't going anywhere, I know.

The Yankees lost 9-1, scoring on a Miguel Andujar home run in the ninth inning thus avoiding losing by the forfeit score. If that would have been the case I guess they could have all stayed home and had the same result? Seriously, there were too many sub par performances to count. Giancarlo Stanton was hitless in the two games against his former team going 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts Tuesday night. Masahiro Tanaka was awful in five horrible innings. The defense was poor and the offense while producing ten base runners through eight innings (7 walks and 3 measly hits) did not score a run. Then Andujar hit his first home run in the majors and on a forgettable night. Andujar should have a better game to remember his first dinger.

So what's to be done? Call a club house meeting. If not manager Aaron Boone, than the players should call a players only meeting to clear the air. This is beyond embarrassing but give Don Mattingly and his players credit. They are professionals. They will show up to play. They're not very good but they aren't going to roll over to the mighty Bronx Bombers. Something the Yankees need to remember as the season progresses.The Marlins simply showed up to play.  Any little weakness in their opponent needs to be exploited. And Tuesday night there were plenty of Yankees weaknesses to exploit.

Someone in that Yankees clubhouse needs to remind the team this is unacceptable.  They have a day off Wednesday to think it over.

As Reggie Jackson once said "Get it done. NOW"

Friday, April 13, 2018

Yankees Trending Wrong Way Despite Presence Of Talent

So the Yankees, struggling at the start of the season, are 6-7 having just lost 2 of 3 in Boston.

And they almost gave away the one game they won, but the bullpen bailed out Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka, Luis Severino and Sonny Gray were all bad in their respective Fenway starts. The rubber game of the series brought another Yankees loss, 6-3 with a 9th inning rally that fell short. Now it's on to Detroit.

There's not much to say about either series this past week, at home with Baltimore (three losses in four) or the Fenway struggle. Just some lousy baseball by the Yankees.

So many of the fans on social media already want the head of Aaron Boone. Remember, George fired Yogi after 16 games in 1985. The Yankees started winning under Billy Martin, just not enough, falling two games short of Toronto in the division. Johnny Keane got the boot by the CBS owned Yankees in 1965 after game 20 (and the Yankees rallied for awhile for returning manager Ralph Houk, but still finished last).

Truth is, for the Steinbrenner siblings, these aren't their father's Yankees. I think Boone is safe for awhile.

But for those of you who seemed determined to trash this team because of poor play through 13 games, why not take that frustration to the extreme?

The Yankees were sellers a couple years ago. You don't think the Yankees of 2018 will recover? Okay let's do the deed.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yankees Get Off Mat, Put Red Sox On It

So things weren't so terrible this time around. Nobody really sucked.

Gary Sanchez especially didn't suck. Going 3-5 with 4 RBI is certainly a night. Red Sox super fan Paul Francis Sullivan was loathe to admit it, however:

Alas, Sully grudgingly added Sanchez to his daily list of players Who Owned Baseball:

If Sully hadn't added Sanchez to his WOB list I would not have gotten upset over it. Like Brock Holt did over Tyler Austin's clean slide. What a brawl! Good job by Aaron Judge, putting Joe Kelly in a headlock. Hopefully he won't get suspended for that.

Series finale tonight, Porcello vs Gray. Shut 'em down, Sonny!