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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be My Valentine: Gimme The Ball

Pitchers and Catchers! The day is finally here (or will be by the end of the week) for battery mates to begin loosening up for that first pitch. I can see it now: stretching, jogging in the outfield, getting to know new teammates, saying hello to old ones, everyone all happy and excited about the upcoming 2007 MLB Season. Everyone, especially the World Champion St Louis Cardinals.

Wait a minute. Is that arguing I hear? Something about a ball? Oh, no! According to a story on, pitcher Adam Wainwright and Catcher Yadier Molina have gotten into a dispute over the ball used to strike out Detroit's Brandon Inge, which was the play that ended the 2006 World Series. Molina kept the ball and it's now in an office at his home in Puerto Rico.

Turns out it's a friendly, loving dispute, unlike the one Doug Mientkiewicz had with the Red Sox after the 2004 Series. The Red Sox sued Mientkiewicz. Wainwright has no plans to sue Molina. In fact, both say that the other deserves the ball.

Ah, love on Valentines Day at Spring Training! Will these two lose that loving feeling this August when their arms are about to fall off? We shall see.

The Lady

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