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Friday, February 16, 2007

Joey Salvia: Heart & Soul

If you live in New York City and listen to 1050 ESPN Radio, you probably know who Joey Salvia is. Salvia is the engineer for The Michael Kay Show, heard on the station every weekday from 4-7 PM. Though he isn't much of a sports fan, Salvia contributes to the show in a big way: through his music. A gifted singer-songwriter, Salvia writes extremely amusing song parodies of New York sports stories. Example: when Andy Pettitte left New York a few years ago to pitch for the Astros, Salvia put together a little diddy called "Oh, Andy," sung to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Oh, Mandy." There was also the song he wrote when Eric Mangini became the head coach of the New York Jets, a personal favorite of mine.

Michael Kay calls Salvia the "heart and soul of the show." He's right. Salvia's songs are both hilarious and catchy. The Mangini song gets stuck in my head quite often and I always find myself chuckling after hearing just a few words of it.

Salvia writes a lot of his songs in just 10 minutes. A musical genius. Don't believe me? Listen and decide for yourself:

The Lady

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