LADY AT THE BAT: Veterans Day

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Veterans Day

This afternoon the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee announced the results of their latest election. Once again, nobody got in.

In an Associated Press article, Hall chairman Jane Forbes Clark was quoted as saying "The process was not designed with the goal to necessarily elect someone." Oh, no? Then what was it designed for, Jane? What else are 84 eligible voters (including 61 Hall members and 14 broadcasters) supposed to do? Trade autographs?

Ron Santo, perhaps the player most people were pulling for, came the closest, with 70 percent of the 75 percent (of votes) needed for election. Other well-known names on the ballot were former Dodger player and Met Manager Gil Hodges, pitcher Jim Kaat and umpire Doug Harvey. However, the one omission that truly jumps out at me is that of Marvin Miller, the union leader who, almost single-handily, made MLB players the highest paid in professional sports. Though Miller is a very, very important part of MLB history, I just don't see him getting in, at least not until a whole lot more of those players who've benefited from his work are on the Veterans Committee themselves. That is, if the Committee isn't dis-banded well before then.

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