LADY AT THE BAT: The Alex Rodriguez Ultimatum: Did He or Didn't He?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Alex Rodriguez Ultimatum: Did He or Didn't He?

After all the fallout from Alex Rodriguez's appearance last week on WFAN's "Mike & The Mad Dog," I thought that we'd get a break for at least a couple of weeks from the A-Rod saga. I was wrong. This morning on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike In The Morning," Mike Greenberg and Buster Olney (subbing for Mike Golic) descended into yet another debate about it. Greeny is of the opinion, as I am, that A-Rod said nothing wrong during the interview. Buster Olney, on the other hand, thinks (as his baseball-writer colleagues do) that A-Rod issued an ultimatum: If the fans boo him in 2007 he will opt out of his contract.

Until I listened to the interview this past weekend, I had just assumed that A-Rod did nothing wrong. After I'd heard it all, I was convinced of it. The entire "ulimatum" thing is probably less than 10 seconds of the 15 minute interview.

To his credit, A-Rod kept his promise and refused to discuss Derek Jeter during the interview. Did the media acknowledge that? Hardly. The following day, Jeter made his own appearance on the show, and though he'd already said last month that he didn't want to discuss A-Rod again for the rest of the year, he didn't hesitate to answer questions about his former best friend, even throwing in a joke about Paul O'Neill in the process. Did the media acknowledge that Jeter was even interviewed? No.

To listen to both of these interviews, go to WFAN, click on Podcasts, and choose Mike & The Mad Dog on the pull-down menu. I think you'll be surprised at what you hear.

As a blogger, I like to consider myself part of the media. However, when the media ignores what I consider to be a more newsworthy item (Jeter's interview) and continues to verbally stalk baseball's best player, I have second thoughts.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

B - For me it's not a big deal. Everything is settled and the work is done for the field.

NYC is THE media fishbowl in sports and a story is created to just create a story.

I see it as two guys who were former friends who had a falling out, because one guy dissed another...

I think it's just crazy, honestly :)

However, it gives all stuff to write on :)