LADY AT THE BAT: A Blood Clot For Kenny Rogers?

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Blood Clot For Kenny Rogers?

John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers might have a blood clot. Rogers was placed on the disabled list this week for a "fatigued arm," according to team GM Dave Dombrowski. No further details were released. However, according to Lowe, "a person familiar with the situation" was told by a team official that Rogers does, indeed, have a blood clot. It is unknown how serious the clot is or whether or not it is in Rogers' arm.

Now, if this is true, why would there be such secrecy about it? Granted, blood clots are very serious, but I don't see why the Tigers would have to be so mum about it. I can think of two reasons why: 1) There's absolutely no truth to it, or 2) Rogers has a blood clot that is so serious it is life-threatening. Let's hope it's the former.

The Lady

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