LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice: 2007 AL West

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lady's Choice: 2007 AL West

For years I've been waiting for the AL West to become a four-team dog-fight. Looks like I'll be waiting another year. Once again the same two teams will be fighting for the top position: the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Last year Oakland finished in first place, with four wins more than LA. This year the A's already have several key players who are injured: Mark Kotsay, Bobby Kielty, Justin Duschscherer, Bobby Crosby, and Mike Piazza. However, they'll all recover in time to prevent a drastic slide down in this little division. While they won't end up in fourth place, I don't think they'll finish first this time around. The Angels' pitching just looks too good to me. Bartolo Colon and Jered Weaver are rehabbing from injuries right now, but they are progressing nicely and, barring further injury, will make substantial contributions to their rotation. You also cannot argue against their closer, Francisco Rodriguez. As for their offense, they did hit slightly better than Oakland as a team last year, and I'll say both teams will hit about the same this year. The Texas Rangers have some good hitters and a closer with pedigree in Eric Gagne, but the rest of the pitching just isn't there. Seattle continues to hang its hopes on their young hurler Felix Hernandez, but Jeff Weaver? Last year was an aberration for him. I think this is Ichiro's last year in the Emerald City. Here is the Lady's Choice for the 2007 AL West:

1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2 Oakland Athletics
3 Texas Rangers
4 Seattle Mariners

The Lady

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