LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice: 2007 NL Central

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lady's Choice: 2007 NL Central

Although I'm still having trouble "thinking outside the box," I'm going to stay out here and continue this Lady's Choice Series. Today I make my NL Central predictions.

In 2006 the Chicago Cubs finished with the worst record in the National League, at 66-96. Apparently their management thinks that opening the purse strings will get them closer to a playoff spot. Carlos Zambrano, probably angling for a long-term deal, is predicting a World Series victory and the Cy Young award for himself. He just might win the Cy Young, but there's no way the Cubs will win it all this year. They'll be lucky to get out of the cellar this year, but I think they will have a little luck. They'll get by the Pirates by a few games to finish 5th. The one team in the NL Central that I'm really impressed with this year is the Milwaukee Brewers. Ben Sheets is healthy this year, plus they still have workman pitcher Chris Capuano and have added Jeff Suppan. Don't forget about all of their good young position players too, including Bill Hall and Prince Fielder. I think the Brew Crew will definitely be moving up in the division this year. However, even though I don't see how St Louis and Houston have improved, I don't see them getting past these two teams. Here's the Lady's Choice for the 2007 NL Central:

1 St Louis Cardinals
2 Houston Astros
3 Milwaukee Brewers
4 Cincinatti Reds
5 Chicago Cubs
6 Pittsburgh Pirates

The Lady

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