LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice: 2007 NL West

Monday, March 5, 2007

Lady's Choice: 2007 NL West

Being a fan of an east coast American League team, I have a hard time "thinking outside the box," so to speak. However, I have decided to give it my best shot and tell you how I think the NL West will pan out this year.

The San Francisco Giants have an advantage with P Barry Zito, who has made the league switch most pitchers secretly dream of: AL to NL. Now that he's given up on the new mechanics he was experimenting with, he'll be able to step up and be the ace of the staff. He'll be the best arm in the division by far. I don't expect much from David Wells in San Diego and his teammate Greg Maddux is a toss-up. I'm well aware that LA's Derek Lowe went 16-8 with a 3.63 ERA last year, but he's no Barry Zito. What can I say about the offense? I expect Nomar Garciaparra to have another good season in LA this year. It's just a hunch, but I think he'll be injury-free this year. The Giles Brothers are together in San Diego, but that means nothing. In fact, the only thing that really means anything offensively in the NL West this year is Barry Bonds. Yes, he's cheating, but even if he weren't you'd have to admit that the guy is the hitter to beat in the division. So, here's The Lady's Choice for the 2007 NL West:

1 San Francisco Giants
2 Los Angeles Dodgers
3 San Diego Padres
4 Colorado Rockies
5 Arizona Diamondbacks

Am I right? Let me know!

The Lady


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congrats!

I'm liking your breakdown of the divisions. I do think the Diamondbacks are going to be tough to beat this year. They have so much young talent and if "The Big Unit" can stay healthy, they will be in great shape!

Plus I hate the Giants so there's that too!!!

Have a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

One pitcher doesn't make a great pitching staff. While Barry Zito is pretty good (coming from an Oakland A's fan), he is just about on par with Jason Schmidt. The real hope for SF is Matt Cain.

Still, I like the Dodgers to win this division. They have a deep rotation, some solid bats, veterans, and youth. They are the team to beat in the NL West this year.

I also like the Diamondbacks. I have them making the playoffs as a wild card team.