LADY AT THE BAT: May I Have Your Autograph, Mr Steinbrenner?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

May I Have Your Autograph, Mr Steinbrenner?

Anthony of Oriole Post is lucky enough to be in Florida right now, catching some Spring training baseball. Yesterday, after he and his friend toured Legends Field, they saw George Steinbrenner leaving the facility. Though Anthony didn't get to speak with Steinbrenner, he was able to capture The Boss in this rather heartwarming video:

The rumors continue to abound about Steinbrenner's health, mostly whether or not he's gotten senile in the last couple of years. The fact that GM Brian Cashman has assumed just about total control over the team has made me wonder if, in fact, Steinbrenner's health has deteriorated. However, after watching this video of him smiling and interacting with fans, I'm thinking that maybe he just wanted to have more time to "smell the roses," as they say.

The Lady

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