LADY AT THE BAT: Nats Ownership Has A Lot To "Lern"

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nats Ownership Has A Lot To "Lern"

Today comes the news that Dimitri Young "won" the Nationals First Base job after Travis Lee asked to be released. Congratulations, Dimitri Young. I'm looking forward to witnessing your comeback.

Young's comeback (from an assault charge, treatment for alcoholism and depression, a divorce, hospitalization for diabetes and, oh, yeah, being released by the Tigers practically at season's end) might be the only Washington Nationals action worth watching this season. The Nats are expected to be so bad, rumor has it, that some scouts have a bracket on how many games the team will lose this year. The picks are from the low 100s to the high 130s!

I heard last week on a radio show that the new owners of the team are the Lerners, a family of real estate developers. The show's host had been berating all things Nationals, and when he said "the Lerners," I swear I heard it as "the learners!" I thought, So this is what they call rich ignorant owners of sports teams now? I don't mean any disrespect, but the Lerners had better "learn" how to run a baseball team soon. Otherwise, for the third time, Major League Baseball will say goodbye to the Nation's Capitol.

The Lady

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