LADY AT THE BAT: New Frontiers For Danny Almonte

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Frontiers For Danny Almonte

Remember Danny Almonte, the kid who led his 2001 Little League team to a third place finish, only to be disqualified when it was revealed that, at 14 years of age, he was too old to compete? Well today Almonte is a professional baseball player, for the Southern Illinois Minors of the independent Frontier League.

After his and his team's disqualification, Almonte returned to his Bronx, NY home. Eventually, he ended up pitching for James Monroe High School. While he was there the team won two Public School Athletic League championships. In 2004 he was named MVP of the title game.

In his last year at Monroe news reports filled the local papers about how big a prospect Almonte was. Supposedly, scouts of several teams were looking at him, including scouts from the Yankees. I'm not sure what came of all that scouting. The only other thing I remember hearing about him that year was that he got married, to a woman about a decade older than he was.

In a story on, Miners manager Mike Pinto was quoted as saying, "Danny is a nice addition to our pitching staff. Two different major league scouts, whose opinions I value greatly, gave me excellent reports after seeing him throw recently. There are not too many young lefties with his quality of stuff sitting out there. He has a 90s-plus fastball and an excellent slider. From our conversations, Danny is a quiet and shy young man who just wants a chance to showcase his talents. This will be the start to his professional career."

The start to his professional career, in an independent league. The fact that he's not in a Major League organization makes me wonder about "his quality of stuff." However, I'm happy for him. I hope he blows the hitters in that league out of the water and ends up on a Major League roster one day. "Everyone deserves a second chance," is the old saying. Almonte's first chance at fame was ruined by dishonest adults, so this is really his first chance. Good luck, Danny Almonte.

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Unknown said...

If Almonte blows everyone away, he'll make it one way or the other. No one turns young talent away, no matter how infamous...