LADY AT THE BAT: Pavano Gets The Nod (What A Suprise)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pavano Gets The Nod (What A Suprise)

The Yankees were trying to come up with any scenario they could to prevent it, but today they announced that Carl Pavano would be their Opening Day starter on Monday.

The team was seriously considering using Andy Pettitte on short rest. If they had, Pettitte would have pitched no more than five innings. Thanks to pitching coach Ron Guidry, who vetoed the move, he'll have a chance to pitch longer in his scheduled start on Wednesday instead. I don't know what Torre was thinking, but good call, Gator. You don't need a second pitcher on the DL.

Maybe you should manage the team as well, Gator.

Update: Kenny Rogers does, indeed, have a blood clot. He was flown down to Texas this morning for surgery on his shoulder to remove it, as well as to repair several arteries. He'll be out for at least three months.

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