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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Progress Report: The New Yankee Stadium

On my way downtown this morning to run some errands I stopped by the construction site of the new Yankee Stadium, scheduled to open in 2009. I had a pretty good view from the elevated platform of the 161st Street Subway Station. Though it's cloudy right now, it was absolutely beautiful this morning when I took the pictures below:

As you can see in the last photo, the new Stadium is being built right across the street from the current one. This new site was originally Macombs Dam Park. Macombs Dam Park had a running track around its edge as well as a small baseball diamond at one end of it. I remember seeing neighborhood residents taking their morning constitutionals along the track as I made my way to work. In the evenings I would see the (mostly) African soccer players kicking balls around the park's middle field until that last bit of sunlight disappeared. When the Yankees announced that the park would be turned into the new Stadium, they also announced plans to build several parks around the neighborhood to replace Macombs.

Although it's very exciting to see the construction going on, I miss seeing all the activity in what was really a very popular (and safe) neighborhood hangout. I'm hoping that the replacement parks the Yankees build will be accepted and will be just as frequented by runners and soccer players alike.

Update: It appears Chien-Ming Wang's "cramp" isn't one at all, as I blogged earlier today. It's an honest-to-goodness pull. He'll start the season on the disabled list. Looks like the sentimentalists will have their wish granted. Andy Pettitte will bring the house down when he takes the mound on Opening Day.

The Lady


Unknown said...


Amazing shots. You live nearby, I assume?

I'll be there up Easter Sunday (4/8) to see my beloved Birds take on the Bombers with some friends...

When I get a chance, I'll set up a link to your post. Will you be at the game or nearby?

That's amazing and I'll make a it a point to visit the construction area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It was kind of hard getting the pics. I had to squeeze my camera hand through the railings that separate the station platform from the outside. I live 5 subway stops away from the Stadium, but I don't have tickets to the game that day. Where will you be sitting? Perhaps I'll see you TV, lol!