LADY AT THE BAT: The Red Sox Lack Of A Closer-- NOT!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Red Sox Lack Of A Closer-- NOT!

ESPN is reporting that the Red Sox will announce today that Jonathan Papelbon will be their closer for the 2007 season.

Mike Timlin was supposed to close games for Boston this coming season. However, since he'll be starting the season on the DL, the club had to start a new search for a closer. After considering Joel Pineiro, Brenden Donnelly and Julian Tavarez, it appears that they think they have no choice but to give the job back to Papelbon. To avoid a recurrence of his shoulder problems, he won't appear in more than three consecutive games. He also won't pitch when he is "tired," according to ESPN. Good luck with that one, Francona. What will the criteria be for deciding if your closer is tired? I know you don't think he'll tell you.

This move definitely makes the Red Sox stronger, and if Dice-K pitches as well as he has this Spring, the Sox have just as much of a chance as the Yankees do of winning the division. Looks like we have a dog-fight on our hands.

The Lady

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