LADY AT THE BAT: Wang Injured: Probably Not Serious

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wang Injured: Probably Not Serious

According to the Yankees Homepage at, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang hurt his right hamstring during a running drill in Tampa yesterday. He was shut-down for the rest of the afternoon, but not sent for tests, which probably means the injury isn't serious.

Manager Joe Torre believes the injury is nothing more than a cramp. The team should have more to say about it today.

The Yankees have a reputation for taking every precaution in the world when it comes to protecting their investments, especially those who have been as successful as Wang. The 26-year old was second in last year's AL Cy Young Award voting, with a 19-6 record and a 3.63 ERA, which makes him a solid candidate (and my choice) for Opening Day starter. However, the sentimental favorite for this assignment is prodigal son Andy Pettitte. Most fans and even some members of the media would love to see Pettitte walk to the mound that day, the cheers of the fans shaking The Stadium as they've done so often in the past. Pettitte's had a great Spring but he admitted yesterday that his back is "definitely still a little sore." If I were a betting lady I'd put my money on Wang for Opening Day starter, leg cramp or no leg cramp.

The Lady

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