LADY AT THE BAT: Arm Trouble For Carl Pavano

Friday, April 13, 2007

Arm Trouble For Carl Pavano

Breaking News (or is it? It is about Carl Pavano, after all.): The news just broke on 1050 ESPN Radio here in New York that Carl Pavano has a problem with stiffness in his pitching elbow and will miss his next start, scheduled for tomorrow night in Oakland. He hopes to be able to make the start after that one, on Tuesday against Cleveland.

This development makes the Yankees already thin rotation look like dental floss. They already have Chien-Ming Wang on the DL with a hamstring problem. The other night Mike Mussina's hamstring gave way as well. Now this. Looks like the Yankees will be making a big push for that Carpetbagger from Katy (TX), Roger Clemens. (*sigh*)

There's also a rumor going around that, the reason the Yankees are having so many hamstring and leg problems this year (Damon, Matsui and the aforementioned Wang and Mussina), is because they're using a new team of strength and conditioning coaches, who have no experience with baseball players and who believe in incorporating less running into workout routines. (*bigger sigh*)

Unreal. Simply unreal.

The Lady

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