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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Captain's Perspective

After the Yankees 7-5 loss to the Red Sox yesterday, I watched the special postgame show on the YES Network. There was nothing earth-shattering about it. If you watched it, you learned that, Torre felt Jeff Karstens could have used one more rehab start before making his 2007 debut; the entire bullpen (with the exception of Kyle Farnsworth) will be available for tonight's series finale; Chien-Ming Wang threw a 55-pitch bullpen session earlier in the day and said he felt "fine;" and, Chris Britton has been optioned to triple-A Scranton-Wilkes Barre. Nothing to really "write home about."

If you are a YES viewer, you know that the postgame show usually ends with player interview snippets. These are usually the most boring part of the postgame show, in my opinion. The guys usually just stand there because they have to and never really say anything meaningful. Yesterday I was ready to turn of the TV when Kim Jones, YES's Yankee beat reporter, introduced a snippet of Derek Jeter's postgame interview. If you ask me, Jeter is the worst. He usually spends the whole segment clearing an imaginary frog in his throat and acting as if he has ants in his pants. It's a rare day, indeed, when Jeter actually answers questions from reporters. Yesterday I reached for the remote, but then I put it down, because this was obviously one of those rare days.

He was ignoring the imaginary frog! He was standing still and really answering questions! About playing in Boston, Jeter acknowledged the pressure that comes with it, saying "The game's never over when you're playing here." One reporter asked him what the Yankees' 8-8 start means. "It means we're 8-8," he said, understandably annoyed. The reporter went on to ask if it meant the Yankees were an average team. Jeter reminded him that they were 16 games into the season and that there's a long way to go before you can answer a question like that. Finally, he was asked about facing Daisuke Matsusaka in the series finale. He said he hadn't seen any tape of Dice-K yet and that he'd view some on Sunday morning. A reporter asked about how challenging it would be to face Dice-K and Jeter replied, "It's a challenge both ways. He hasn't seen us, we haven't seen him."

Later, as Kim Jones did her stand-up outside Fenway Park, the Yankees were filing past her on their way to the team bus. Jones interrupted herself and mentioned that Jeter heckled her as he walked by. She observed that the team looked loose, in a joking mood and ready for Sunday night's game.

I understand why Jeter "opened up," to reporters yesterday, and why he "heckled" Kim Jones. He's the Captain of the Yankees and it's a captain's job to help his team keep things in perspective and to stay focused on the long term goal.

The Lady


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's an accident that A-Rod is doing well, but the Yanks are losing.

If Jeter gets hot, the Yanks will win.

Anonymous said...

Jeter does have a 12 game hitting streak. With all that A-Rod is doing, no one has noticed!