LADY AT THE BAT: Coincidence? Kay Thinks Not

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coincidence? Kay Thinks Not

I have an error to correct: A-Rod made his "I want to stay" comments before the Yankees' 6-4 loss to the Devil Rays. He said all of that, then proceeded to go 0-3, losing his 23-game hitting streak.

I realized my error when I heard Yankee announcer Michael Kay say on his radio show yesterday that the comments were made before the game. He then wondered aloud why A-Rod, after virtually promising to shut up and play, opened his mouth about his contract again, bringing up the possibility that the comments and going 0-3 were connected. Are you serious, Michael Kay? Why would you, who blows a gasket when anyone suggests that you jinx no-hitters by mentioning them during broadcasts, say something like that? Did you not see how Scott Kazmir was pitching in that game?

Kay always says that, if it were so easy to affect the outcome of no-hitters he'd be a millionaire. Well, A-Rod is already a multi-millionaire. Does this new-found clairvoyance make him a saint?

The Lady

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