LADY AT THE BAT: The Drought Continues For Jason Tyner

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Drought Continues For Jason Tyner

Too bad hitting home runs isn't like horse shoes. Otherwise, Jason Tyner would've hit his first Major League home run last night. The seven-year veteran holds the distinction of having more at-bats than any other active player (1,068) without a home run. Last night in the 7th inning at the Homer Dome, he sent a Ruddy Lugo pitch deep to right field, just off the baggy, driving in Jason Bartlett, doing his part in the Twins 12-5 win over the Devil Rays.

Until 2004 Tyner was best known for never, ever hitting a home run in his life, not even in little league. That all changed in '04 when he went deep in a minor league game. He's a former first-round draft pick for the Mets, who have a reputation for over-hyping their rookies. I remember all the hoopla when Tyner came up. It was as if he was going to be another Bernie Williams, with the Mets for his entire career. But Tyner didn't stay a Met for long. Before anyone knew it, he and his light-hittng bat were in Tampa Bay with the Devil Rays.

In this, the age of the home-run hitter and the steroid era, it's hard not to root for Jason Tyner. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing he's never tried performance-enhancing drugs. He seems to know what kind of player he is and has accepted it. He's even having a little fun with it. He and manager Ron Gardenhire have a bet going. Tyner attended Texas A&M and Gardenhire went to the University of Texas. If Tyner ever homers in a Major League game, Gardenhire will have to wear an Aggies sweatshirt.

Go Aggies!

The Lady


Sooze said...

Just heartbreaking. Is it even possible to go that long without a home run?! He was so close!!!

Anonymous said...

I know! I had forgotten all about his lack of HRs ater he left New York, and had just assumed he'd hit some by now. He was born too late. No one would be making a big deal about this 50 years ago when guys led the league with 12 or 15 HRs.