LADY AT THE BAT: Horror of Horrors! The Dolans Want To Buy The Yankees

Friday, April 27, 2007

Horror of Horrors! The Dolans Want To Buy The Yankees

John Heyman is reporting in his column today that the Dolan Family has again expressed interest in buying the Yankees. What?!

The Dolans are the robber barons that own Madison Square Garden, the Knicks, the Rangers and Cablevision. They inquired about adding the Yankees to the real evil empire back in 1998 but were denied. Now, with Steinbrenner's health a question mark and his daughter's recent divorce from Steve Swindal, the former heir apparent, they apparently feel they have a better chance now to add baseball to their conglomerate.

What a nightmare that would be. If you think the Yankees are a laughing stock now with their 8-12 record, be prepared to die of mirth if the Dolans get their hands on the team. The only thing the Dolans care about is making more money for themselves, plain and simple. They've turned the Knicks into an embarrassment; the Rangers are in the playoffs now, but they've been a disaster for years; and Cablevision is a monopolistic money pit. I hope that what Steinbrenner spokesman Howard Rubenstien said was true: "The Not-for-Sale sign is up."

The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Get Points, the Dolans are the pond scum of millionaries