LADY AT THE BAT: No White Horse For Clemens: Who Cares?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No White Horse For Clemens: Who Cares?

With three-fifths of the Yankees pitching staff on the DL, the speculation has again increased as to whether or not Roger Clemens will end up in pinstripes in the very near future. However, according to the New York Daily News 'Mark Feinsand, there's no way the Rocket will "ride in on a white horse in the next couple of weeks to save the day." One of Clemens' agents, Randy Hendricks, sent an email stating "Nothing is moving up our timetable." They'll stick to their original plans, waiting until sometime in May to make a decision.

Ken Rosenthal of echoed Feinsand's sentiments, saying Clemens "...isn't interested in rescuing one of his former clubs." Furthermore, his priority is to win one more World Series. For this reason, Rosenthal thinks the Red Sox have the upper-hand in the Clemens Sweepstakes.

I am so sick of Roger Clemens. That Carpetbagger From Katy! I understand that he's at the point in his life and in his career whereby he can do what he's doing. I understand that he's the greatest pitcher of all time. I understand that he's got an incredible work ethic and is a great teammate. I understand all of that. But I just can't get past the fact that he was little more than a mediocre pitcher when he pitched for the Yankees. If he'd pitched better during his Yankee tenure I could accept the fact that he's such an opportunist.

I remember reading something on Page 2 at ESPN a few years ago about Clemens, in which the author said Roger Clemens left town three times: Once for money (Toronto), once for a ring (New York) and once because he fell in love with Andy Pettitte (Houston). I apologize for not being able to provide the author's name, but I still think it's hilarious to this day. Roger Clemens might be the greatest pitcher of all time, but to me he'll always be known as That Carpetbagger From Katy.

The Lady

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