LADY AT THE BAT: They're On The Schedule (In Cleveland)

Monday, April 9, 2007

They're On The Schedule (In Cleveland)

The above is a picture of Jacobs Field in Cleveland, taken this weekend. As most baseball fans know by now, the Indians have yet to play any part of their weekend series with the Seattle Mariners. If I read it correctly, they're going to try for a double-header today, but with the Indians now trying to move the next series they have, with the LA Angels of Anaheim, to Anaheim, it doesn't look like they'll be playing the Mariners anytime soon.

The MLB schedule-makers were thrown for a big loop last week. After they finally tired of hearing complaints from teams like the Yankees, who were forced to open up on the West Coast for God knows how many years, they finally let Northern teams have their opening and/or early season series at home. The result: baseball teams playing in football weather. If that wasn't bad enough, I'm hearing that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays actually requested to open up on the road, instead of in their domed stadium in St Petersburg, FL.


Maybe they thought they'd have a better chance of beating the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. Tropicana Field, afterall, is Yankee Stadium South. When was the last time there was an actual Devil Ray fan there, other than Dick Vitale?

Update: The Indians and Angels will play their series in Milwaukee, not in Anaheim. The Indians suggested it after the Angels, who are on their way to Boston, voiced displeasure at going back to Anaheim first. (*sigh*)

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