LADY AT THE BAT: Does WEEI Know What A Question Is?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Does WEEI Know What A Question Is?

Curt Schilling apologized to the Barry Bonds camp yesterday, saying he didn't want to use the fact that he'd only been awake for about 30 or 40 seconds before he opened his mouth on the radio as an excuse. Okay, that's fine. But what about the people he was talking to? Did they just wake up as well?

Schilling appeared on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan. I believe someone named Dale Arnold was sitting in for Callahan. Now, I'll admit I have never listened to their show and have never listened to WEEI. I'll also admit that I have no broadcasting experience and no journalism experience, for that matter. Nonetheless, I was shocked at how quiet Dennis and Arnold were during Schilling's spiel. At times they actually seemed to agree with Schilling, mumbling things like "Yep," "right" and "Uh huh." Schilling was dropping bombshell after bombshell and those guys could manage nothing more than a few grunts. What happened to "Are you really saying that, Curt?" or, "Is that really your position, Curt?"

I realize this was one of Schiling's regularly scheduled appearances on WEEI and that it's probably just a platform for Schil's Spiel. However, when something like what was said the other day comes out of Schilling's mouth, interviewers should escort him off his platform and start taking back control.

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