LADY AT THE BAT: Igawa Tackles Ichiro, "Seahawks" Beat "Jets"

Friday, May 4, 2007

Igawa Tackles Ichiro, "Seahawks" Beat "Jets"

There was a football theme to tonight's Mariners-Yankees game: Earlier in the day Seattle pitchers got their running in by tossing a football around in the outfield at Yankee Stadium; a total of 26 runs were scored, 15 by the Mariners and 11 by the Yankees; Darrelle Revis, the Jets top draft pick was there (well, actually, it was a fan wearing his jersey); and, Kei Igawa "tackled" Ichiro (he threw at Ichiro after giving up 3 home runs).

I don't know why the Mariners were so upset about Ichiro being "tackled." They were playing a football game, after all. It wasn't a dirty play. So Ichiro ended up on his ass. What's the big deal?

All kidding aside, the Mariners were obviously reacting to what happened to them last night in Boston, when Manny Ramirez stood at the plate for 6 whole seconds watching his go-ahead homer land in the stands in right-centerfield. As angry as they were about it, they reacted just as every other team does and didn't throw at a Red Sox hitter. With that weighing on their minds they saw their star player hit the dirt the very next evening.

How much longer will Manny continue to get away with this behavior? Everyone knows the answer to this. It will stop when he or his teammates start getting thrown at whenever he shows up a pitcher he's homered off of. When will that happen? I wish I knew.

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