LADY AT THE BAT: It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

It was the bottom of the eighth inning. The Yankees had runners on first and third with one out. Posada was at the plate. The pitch came and he hit a grounder to third. Boston's Dustin Pedroia caught Mike Lowell's throw, stepped on second, and took an elbow just above the groin from Alex Rodriguez, who was trying to break up the double-play. Pedroia called what A-Rod did a cheap shot and the Yankees lost the game 7-3.

As maligned as A-Rod has been during his Yankee tenure, he's been the only Yankee, in the absence of Roger Clemens, to really show some aggression against the Red Sox. Boston batters have been setting up their recliners in the batter's box for years now, and no Yankee pitcher ever tries to back them off the plate. Manny continues to show up pitchers when he hits home runs and all he ever gets in return are meek stares. Meanwhile, Yankee batters continue to get backed off the plate and even hit, always without impunity. A-Rod knew this when he decided to knock Pedroia around last night. My guess is he also knew it when he slapped Bronson Arroyo's hand back in the 2004 ALCS and when he fought that cowardly mask-wearing Justin Varitek in that early season game at Fenway a few years back. Okay, maybe I'm stretching things a bit. But with self-centered Mike Mussina on the mound last night, everyone in the ballpark knew the recliners would be set up again.

Yes, it was probably a cheap shot. It's a dirty job, but until their pitchers start to retaliate, Yankee position players will have to keep doing it.

The Lady

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Jeff Laughlin said...

OK, I call bullshit on this one. Only because A-Rod wasn't thinking of his team or anything other than trying to look like he was trying. I truly believe that "the slap" that he was maligned so much for was more of a hustle play than him elbowing Pedroia in the manboom. Makes no sense.

And, yes, I am always ready to write about baseball.

Good day, madame.