LADY AT THE BAT: The Juice On Giambi's Contract

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Juice On Giambi's Contract

Last night Jason Giambi, wearing his new, custom-made orthotics, belted his 6th home-run in the Yankees 6-2 win over Boston. As he rounded the bases he looked healthy and it seemed more likely that he could help the Yankees get back into the AL East race. However, if you believe all the talk about his contract being voided, he'll do no such thing.

According to Yankee Announcer Michael Kay, Giambi's contract will NOT be voided. Speaking on his radio show yesterday, Kay talked about his sources in the Yankee organization, who told him there is nothing in the contract that says it will be voided if it is found that Giambi used steroids. The contract does say that if Giambi is found to use an illegal substance (and steroids is an illegal substance), the money the Yankees pay him goes from being guaranteed to non-guaranteed. The Yankees then have the option of releasing him if they so choose.

I'm not sure if I believe this. Weren't the Yankees trying get the contract voided after Giambi's grand jury testimony was leaked? What, the contract was amended after they tried to get it voided? Makes no sense to me. Whatever the truth is about Jason Giambi's contract, I seriously doubt they'd have it voided or release him. With no bench to speak of and a 9.5 game deficit, Giambi's bat is too important to lose right now. The Giambino is definitely not going anyway, anytime soon.

The Lady

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