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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Marty's M*A*S*H Unit?

The Yankess fired their strength coach Marty Miller yesterday after Phil Hughes became the latest in a long line of injured players. The others include: Chien-Ming Wang, hamstring; Mike Mussina, hamstring; Hideki Matsui, hamstring; Andy Pettitte, back; Bobby Abreu, oblique; and Johnny Damon, calves and legs. Including Jeff Karsten's broken leg would be pouring it on, but apparently, there are some lists with his name on it.

Miller's program was actually optional. The players were not required to follow it. It seems to have been a little unorthodox, using machines and exercises some players were not familiear with. Rumors are that Miller was not popular amongst players, many of whom were following their own program. GM Brian Cashman also admitted that "Truthfully, some of the guys who have gotten hurt were doing their own program."

Doing their own program? I thought players were only allowed to do their own thing in the off-season, and even then they must follow the rules set forth in their contracts. I'm no expert in the inner workings of baseball teams, but it seems to me that the Yankees should have taken action on this much sooner, back in Spring training when the first injuries started to materialize and when they saw how unpopular Miller was. Unfortunately, they didn't and they seem to be paying for it now.

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