LADY AT THE BAT: Meet Brandon Inge's "Father"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meet Brandon Inge's "Father"

Did you know there's a guy going around Michigan claiming to be Brandon Inge's father? Yes, an elderly gentleman named Ralph Caruso is promising all kinds of things to strangers, including donations to charities and tickets to Tigers games because he's the "father" of the Tiger's Third Baseman.

It doesn't look like Caruso did any real damage, other than disappointing a lot of Tigers fans. This old man is harmless and Brandon Inge himself is not worried. Caruso's real son is worried. He told MyFox Detroit that his father has been doing this kind of thing for years and he's asked him to stop several times. Click here to watch the complete MyFox Detroit story.

The Lady


Anonymous said...

I was totally a victim of this!!

pay per head said...

I know that he is harmless but I think that he needs help. If he can stop doing it.