LADY AT THE BAT: Roger Clemens Is Now A Yankee

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Roger Clemens Is Now A Yankee

Breaking news: The seventh inning stretch just ended at Yankee Stadium with the announcement that Roger Clemens has re-signed with the Yankees. Yes, The Carpetbagger From Katy has returned to the Bronx.

The announcement was made in a surprising, unusual way: Roger Clemens, in a suit and tie, made the announcement himself, from the owner's box. Apparently, no one in the ballpark knew this was coming, or, at least they didn't know it was coming today and in this way. Shocking!

This is fitting news on a day when the Yankees are playing dirty: Josh Phelps took out Kenji Jojhima while scoring and, as a result, was hit by a pitch in his next at-bat. After both teams were warned, Scott Proctor threw behind a batter and was promptly ejected from the game.

While I've made my feelings known on this blog as to how much I dislike Clemens, beggars can't be choosy, as the old saying goes. If he can help the Yankees make a run for the playoffs, I'm certainly willing to give him a chance.

The Lady

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Tiffany L. Berryman said...

We've just got to make sure Roger gives back that Hummer! What an exciting day in the Bronx!