LADY AT THE BAT: Tom Brady: It IS What You Think!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Tom Brady: It IS What You Think!

Patriots QB Tom Brady lives in New York with his girlfriend, model Gisele Bundchen. The two of them are often captured on the film rolls of the paparazzi, strolling the streets of the city, enjoying the love they have for one another (*rolleyes*). I don't know if she was with him when the photo on the left was taken. If she was, she was clearly the secondary story here. Tom Brady was on the streets of New York City wearing a Yankees cap!

When I saw this it made me think of the David Ortiz Sportscenter commercial, in which he tells a shocked Red Sox mascot who sees him wearing a Yankees cap, "It's not what you think!" Commercials aside, Brady's photo is just another example of how out of touch some professional athletes are with their own fans. Brady's been the toast of New England for years now. Shouldn't he know something about the hatred New Englanders have for the Yankees? Didn't he hear them chanting "Yankees Suck" after the first Brady Era Superbowl win? Didn't he know that wearing a Yankees cap on the streets of New York would somehow find its way onto the front page of the Boston Herald or some Boston paper? He must have known all of these things. He knew all of these things and wore the cap anyway! To me, that says only one thing: Tom Brady is a Yankee fan!!! [Thanks, Babes Love Baseball]

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