LADY AT THE BAT: Wang: Almost Perfect Here, Hero In Taiwan

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wang: Almost Perfect Here, Hero In Taiwan

I was on my way home from a day hike in Putnam County, NY yesterday and missed the first five innings of the Mariners-Yankees game. Then, when I got home and turned on the TV, I realized what Chien-Ming Wang was trying to do and turned off the TV. After watching David Wells and David Cone each throw perfect games my heart can no longer take the excitement it brings, and whenever a Yankee pitcher is trying to make history, I stay away from it, taking a peek every now and then to see if the no-hitter or perfect game is still in tact.

I'm sure that folks in Wang's native Taiwan don't have the same fear of viewing I have. They hang on his every pitch, watching every game he appears in. Chien-Ming Wang is a national hero in Taiwan, so important, in fact, that he made the Time 100, in the category of Heroes & Pioneers. Whenever he pitches, the small country comes together, putting aside their political differences to cheer him on. You can only imagine what it would have been like there had Wang actually pitched that perfect game. Pandemonium in the streets for sure. Wang would have taken it all in stride, the way he did after Ben Broussard broke up the perfecto, quickly pulling himself together and finishing the eighth inning.

After the game Wang claimed he didn't know he was pitching a perfect game until someone brought it to his attention, but he also said he didn't understand why no one would go near him when he was sitting in the dugout. So, was it telepathy, Wanger? I know, it doesn't really matter. He's still the Yankees ace and the pride of Taiwan.

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