LADY AT THE BAT: The Andy & Joe Show?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Andy & Joe Show?

Joe Girardi will be in Oriole Park at Camden Yards next Tuesday. He'll definitely be there. The question is, in what capacity? As I write this, he is scheduled to do color commentary of the Yankees-Orioles game that night for the YES Network. But many people believe he'll be there as the new O's manager.

Peter Gammons is reporting that Girardi has been offered the job. The Orioles have denied that report. It sure sounds like he wants the job, however. According to Ken Rosenthal Girardi likes what he's seen of the O's: "They have a pretty good young starting staff when they're healthy," he said. "You win with pitching. Obviously they have to get (Adam) Lowen back. But I like how they've tried to build it. They've tried to build it through pitching." Regarding potential drawbacks of the job, Girardi said, "I'm not concerned. Every job has its challenges. I like that."

He likes that? Is he that desperate? Or, does he know that he's not the Yankees' first choice to replace the iconic Joe Torre? That honor apparently goes to Don Mattingly. Perhaps he feels he may never get the managerial job he really wants, with the Cubs. Supposedly he was heartbroken when the Cubs refused to even consider him for the job. In any case it looks like someone with a Cubs background is in his corner. The Orioles will announce the appointment of Andy MacPhail as Chief Operating Officer this morning. MacPhail is widely respected in baseball front office circles and he is definitely a Joe Girardi supporter. If Girardi is offered the job and he does take it, MacPhail might be the reason why.

It's possible MacPhail might be able to act as a buffer between Girardi and O's manager Peter Angelos, who is famous for not letting his managers manage in peace. I wouldn't hold my breath, however. Something more drastic has to happen before Angelos will go hands-off. What's more drastic? A suspension, a la George Steinbrenner's in the '80s. While Steinbrenner was suspended from baseball the Yankees were finally able to right their ship, which led to their run in the late '90s. Ah, but don't wish for it, O's fans. Angelos is way to smart to get himself into that predicament.

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