LADY AT THE BAT: Great Escapes: Clemens & A-Rod

Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Escapes: Clemens & A-Rod

From Joel Sherman on The $28 million pro-rated contract Roger Clemens signed is a minor league deal. This means that not only can Clemens exit the contract at any time without losing any money, the Yankees can, too.

According to Sherman, GM Brian Cashman said "It's not something I'm thinking about right now." He might not be thinking about it now, but was he thinking about it last night when the Fenway Faithful were chanting "Where is Roger?" Cashman doesn't know me from Adam, but if he did, I'd tell him to put his pride on the shelf and seriously consider backing out of the deal he made with the Carpetbagger From Katy.

Speaking of the Fenway Faithful, it was great to see Alex Rodriguez get the last "Ha" with his game-winning home-run last night. After being the brunt of non-stop jeers the entire weekend he deposited a Jonathan Papelbon fast-ball right into the Red Sox bullpen. Apparently, buying your wife a diamond necklace after you've (allegedly) cheated on her goes a long way towards easing one's conscience.

The Lady


Anonymous said...


Enjoy you're BIG giant win!

now read on for a dose of reality!


Mike said...

I would be happy to see Roger or the Yankees opt out and end this annual Roger Clemens circus. He has been putting himself ahead of the team and ahead of the game for several years now and I think a lot of folks outide of NYC have had enough.

Anonymous said...

My buddy Matt had this to say about the sad state of affairs.....well at least from your perspective!

Anonymous said...

How did Matt make it back to his hotel after that?!