LADY AT THE BAT: Greenie Milks The Cow (Finally!)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greenie Milks The Cow (Finally!)

Did anyone really think Mike Greenberg of Mike & Mike In The Morning was really going to milk a cow? Come on, you had your doubts, didn't you? I know I did. But hats off to Greenie. He kept his word after losing the NCAA Basketball Tournament wager he made with Mike Golic.

Greenie came into the show's studio this morning dressed in overalls, a baseball cap from a seed company and special cow milking boots which were reinforced to protect him against a possible kick from the cow. The cow, a cute Holstein named Sox, was two hours past her milking time and very cranky, until she got some molasses-laden oats to calm her down. Though it was nowhere near the 40 pounds of milk Sox was holding, Greenie managed to cover the bottom of the pail.

So it's over and Mike Greenberg survived. Better yet, he kept his word. That's more than some other sportstalk radio show hosts have done. Were you watching this morning, Michael Kay? You were supposed to shave your back after losing a football bet and you never did it.

Should I be surprised? No. What else can you expect from someone who claims he's not a Yankee fan anymore?

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

The Twins announcer, Bert Blyleven, had a bet with Santana. If Santana pitched a shutout Blyleven would shave his head. Knowing how vain Blyleven is I was surprised to see his shorn head at the start of last night’s game. Kudos to the ones who fulfill their promises.