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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Swiffer Time

The Yankees are 1-5 so far on their current 9-game road trip. After winning 11 of 12 and climbing back into the playoff race, they are sliding right back to where they were nearly a month ago: double-digits out of first place and behind too many teams in the Wild Card Race. Is this team really good enough? I'm starting to have my doubts. Last night, their latest loss brought to mind one of those commercials for the new Swiffer Dusters that have been running lately. However, I keep imagining the commercial a different way:

A man much like the one in the actual commercial, with the same heavy New York accent is seated at an outdoor restaurant, talking to someone across the table. He's going over a stack of newspaper clippings and talking very matter-of-factly.

Man: "Here they are getting swept by the Red Sox in April." [He picks up another clipping.]

Man: "Fourteen games out in May." [He grabs another clipping]

Man: "Getting swept by the Rockies." [He puts down the clippings and looks across the table]

Man: "I think it's over."

The camera focuses on who the man is talking to: a sad-looking Everyman or Everywoman, dressed head-to-toe in Yankee garb. A yankee fan.

If it is over perhaps Brian Cashman should read Pete Abraham's latest post in his LoHud Yankees Blog. I don't agree with everything Pete is saying (No one is going to want Johnny Damon!), but the Yankees better get their Swiffers out soon. The dust is unbearable!

The Lady

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