LADY AT THE BAT: Ozzie's Response To Sheffield

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ozzie's Response To Sheffield

After his White Sox beat the Yankees last night, manager Ozzie Guillen offered up his own theory as to why there are more Latinos than African-Americans in baseball.

Guillen didn't comment directly on Sheffield's "theory," but he did tell Mark Feinsand of The New York Daily News that Latinos simply love the game more. "I guarantee that Latin American people play more baseball than any people, because that's all we have," he said. "You have more people playing baseball in Venezuela or the Dominican than anywhere, so there are going to be more players from there." He also pointed out that American players must be drafted, while players in Latin America can sign as free agents. "You can sign one African-American player for the price of 30 Latin players, [$500,000 or $1 million]" Guillen said.

Well, well, well. We all spend so much time deriding Ozzie Guillen for the silly things he says, and a lot of what he says is silly. But last night he was right on target. Hats off to you, Ozzie.

The Lady

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