LADY AT THE BAT: Summer Saturday Ladybugs, #2

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Saturday Ladybugs, #2

Congratulations, Craig Biggio, on getting your 3,000th Major League hit this week. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. How do I know you're nice? You have to be. You and I were born on the same date!

Kudos to you, as well, Frank Thomas, for hitting your 500th career home run. Still hitting home runs after all these years. Still arguing balls and strikes too, apparently. Way to go, getting yourself tossed in your final at-bat.

Aubrey Huff, I give you props. You hit for the cycle last night, becoming the third player in Orioles history to complete such a feat. The final hit: a single in the 7th inning, not a triple in the 8th or a home run in the 9th. Yep, baseball is a funny game.

Derek Jeter, you did that thing last night that you do so well, leaving your feet and throwing batter-runners out from deep in the hole at short, the Derek Jeter Jump Pass. I know you don't care what it's called, as long as your team wins, but if I hear one more person say Jeterian, I'll sccream.

And, finally:

My sympathies to you, Paul Lo Duca. First you had to undergo that embarrassing "vote Paul Lo Duca for the All-Star Game" campaign at Shea Stadium, which was so over-the-top that opposing players promised to vote for you when they came up to bat. Then, this week, you came under the gun again when you suggested that your Latin teammates knew enough English to do their part and meet with the media. Hey, what do you expect, Paul? Your life is more interesting than Carlos Delgado's. My suggestion: take a lesson from A-Rod, who, after many years has finally learned that the only thing to do is to just shut up and play.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Lady

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