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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer's Here: Let The Fun Begin

I thought Summer was supposed to be fun. The first day of Summer was everything but fun for me.

First, I go downtown to run some errands. If you're familiar with the transit system in New York City, you know that off-peak hours are when the City chooses to do repairs on the 103 year-old system. I made it downtown without any problems, but on the way back the "fun" started. The No. 4 train I was on decided to go out of service at 149th St, Grand Concourse, one stop before Yankee Stadium. So I waited on the platform with hundreds of other people for the next train and, what happens? The next train is also out of service. I was livid. I dragged all my packages upstairs and out onto the street to flag down a gypsy cab. Those cabs are so easy to find when you don't want one, always honking their horns at you, or otherwise just slowing down and peeking out at you when they see you standing on the street minding your business. Today I wanted one and had to look high and low.

Second, the Yankees lost to the Rockies 4-3. That completed a 3-game sweep by Colorado. Joe Torre told the YES Network after the game, "We didn't expect not to score runs." The Yankees are now 10 1/2 games out of first place and 6 1/2 out of the Wild Card.

Third, Jason Giambi is going to cooperate in the Mitchell Investigation. He's only going to talk about himself, not name names. This has to be the biggest waste of time and money to date so far this year.

Fourth, Kei Igawa gets the start for the Yankees against the Giants tomorrow in San Francisco. Need I say more?

This day just can't end fast enough for me.

The Lady

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