LADY AT THE BAT: Will Cashman Sell The Future To Save His Own?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Will Cashman Sell The Future To Save His Own?

With the Yankees suffering their fourth-straight loss last night to a last-place team, speculation is building once again about whether Brian Cashman will give up the farm system he has worked so hard to re-build over the last few years for a chance to make the playoffs this year, and, perhaps, to save his job.

The talking sports heads and sports writing guns are making me laugh with their claims that the Yankees are seriously considering dealing Phil Hughes, etc. to Texas for Mark Teixeira. Tim Brown on Yahoo suggests that Phil Hughes is not untouchable. He writes that a Yankee "official" told him they know they have pitchers to deal: "We've got more pitching in the minor-league system than anybody in baseball. We could do something big," This "official" might have said that, but I'm sure he wasn't including Phil Hughes in the discussion.

Phil Hughes is not going to be dealt. All you teams out there that are licking your chops as you watch the Yankees collapse this year can just wipe your mouths and get up and leave the dining room table. Hughes is not on the menu.

You talking sports heads can shut up. Hughes trade-talk is too cheap to waste your time on.

You sports writing guns can put your weapons back into their holsters. Hughes is and never was a target.

As for Cashman, he'll find another way to sell the Yankee future, perhaps dealing Chase Wright, Tyler Clippard or Matt DeSalvo. However, it won't save his own future. He lost that when he did things like signing Kei Igawa and hiring Marty Miller. Cashman accepts full responsibility for what's going on this year with the Yankees, and at season's end, you can rest-assured, he'll be fired.

The Lady


Unknown said...

Excellent points, and most likely correct. I'm not sure if Cashman will make Septemebr, but he should be there till the trading deadline.
Torre, why fire him, nothing will get better, just let the man work out his contract and avoid the embarassment of firing one of the best managers they Yankees ever had.

Unknown said...

I'm not saying that Hughes will be dealt, but every Yankee prospect that was untouchable either lost all their value or was eventually traded.

The big question is not whether a big deal will occur, the question is whether they're going to be dumb and go for more offense with Mark Teixeira, or be smart and go for more pitching like Mark Buehrle.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a deal for more offense would be dumb. Doing it for Teixeira would be, though. Why would any team want to take on a Boras client in the last year of his contract?