LADY AT THE BAT: Damon On The Block?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damon On The Block?

Are the Yankees shopping Johnny Damon? According to the Braves are interested in the CF-turned-DH but, of course, they want the Yankees to pay part of Damon's $13 million per year salary.

It looks like the Yankees want to trade Damon so that Jason Giambi can return to his DH spot. If Giambi really is healthy enough to return, Damon would be like a fifth wheel, since he can no longer play the outfield everyday. Trading him makes sense, but it would be extremely difficult, not only because of Damon's salary but also because he has a limited no-trade clause and he hasn't really been healthy all year. He should really have gone on the DL at some point earlier this season. If he'd done that, I think it would have made trading him just a little bit easier.

Here's another trade rumor: The Tigers are interested in acquiring Kyle Farnsworth. Farnsworth pitched 46 games for Detroit in 2005. This is another move that hinges on how much salary the Yankees agree to pay. It seems as if all Yankee moves depend on that nowadays.

The trade deadline is five days away. The rumors and speculation continue...

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