LADY AT THE BAT: First Israel, Now Ghana

Friday, July 6, 2007

First Israel, Now Ghana

Did you know they play baseball in Ghana? has a story up now about some determined young men in Tema, Ghana who play baseball without shoes, on a soccer field using old steal cushions as bases. Apparently they're attracting some attention, because they were visited recently by an MLB delegation, which included New York Mets manager Omar Minaya.

Their aspirations seem to be realistic: college or Single-A, with college seeming to be more important to most of them. Their most promising player is an 18 year-old named Kofi Frimpong, an infielder on the national team. He hopes to attend the University of Miami, if he can secure a visa. He's very aware of baseball history including what Ted Williams, Connie Mack and Cal Ripkin have accomplished. His favorite active player is the Mets' Jose Reyes.

Nice story. Best wishes to all of them.

The Lady

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