LADY AT THE BAT: It's Not Always Fun For Gary Sheffield

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Not Always Fun For Gary Sheffield

I don't have HBO, so, unless I can catch it online somewhere, I won't get to see the controversial Gary Sheffield "Real Sports" interview this week. I won't be knocking myself out trying to find it, either.

Why aren't players knocking themselves out trying refute what Sheffield has said? So far only Darryl Strawberry has spoken out, saying that he knows nothing about it and that Joe Torre has treated him well. Why hasn't Cecil Fielder said anything? What about Tom Gordon? Where is Glenallen Hill?

Their silence is deafening.

Maybe they haven't said anything because of who it is that made the comments. Maybe they were already aware of what Sheffield told the Detroit News: that he uses the injustices he sees as motivation. Sheffield said, "'s not always fun for me to come to the park." he said. "A lot of times it's boring. I have to give myself some excitement." In other words, the game itself isn't motivation enough. In other words, he's not in it for the love of it. In other words, he's a selfish player.

It sounds like Sheffield is thin-skinned as well. Buster Olney says Joe Torre has often called out his best players in team meetings, including Paul O'neill, Roger Clemens and Derek Jeter, players he thinks are confident enough to handle criticism. He's not going to do it with younger or more fragile players.

It'll be interesting to see what the fallout is when Sheffield and the Tigers come to the Bronx next month. My guess is that this whole race thing will have blown over, and Sheffield, in his never-ending quest to give himself some excitement, will have given the media something else to chew on and something else for Yankee fans to boo him about.

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