LADY AT THE BAT: A Lineup Brian Cashman Can Truly Be Proud Of

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Lineup Brian Cashman Can Truly Be Proud Of

Last night's starting Yankee lineup (including the pitcher) was as follows:


Notice anything interesting about it? No? Then, let me tell you: Six of the ten players that started last night's game are homegrown Yankees. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano, Andy Phillips, Melky Cabrera and Chien-Ming Wang are all products of the Yankee farm system. If you want to stretch things a bit, you can even include Hideki Matsui on that list, since the Yankees are his first organization. So, next time Yankee-haters want to get on the Yankees for throwing their money around, they should remember these seven guys and be careful about what they say. GM Brian Cashman's job is still in jeopardy, but at least he's seeing the fruit of his labor right now.

In other homegrown Yankee news, according to Peter Abraham, Phil Hughes will be starting for AAA Scranton on Sunday. Pitchers Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy have been promoted to Scranton as well. Contrary to rumors, Chamberlain will go into Scranton's rotation. He will not be brought up to the Yankees to be a bridge to Mariano Rivera, at least not for the time being.

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Unknown said...

I wrote the same story 2 days again ;) great minds...

Unknown said...

Home grown Yankees;lots of hits, lots of runs. Where have we heard that before? Oh before we started trading away our prospectt for useless pitchers.

Great stuff-----Nancy