LADY AT THE BAT: Aaron & Selig on Bonds's 756th

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aaron & Selig on Bonds's 756th

When I woke up this morning to the news that Barry Bonds had hit his 756th home run, my reaction was, "It's finally over." This travesty can finally be put behind us and we can look to the future, a future many people think will include lots of cheers for Alex Rodriguez who should, if he stays healthy, break Bonds's record.

I saw that the post-home run ceremonies included a pre-recorded message from Hank Aaron, congratulating Bonds. Well, that's just the same as him actually being there, in my opinion. I had a lot of respect for Aaron until I heard about that video. He was sticking to his principles. Good for him! But why did he feel he had to make a video? Sure, it was classy, but it waters down his stance somewhat. He looks a bit like a waffler.

Selig was at it again last night. He continues trying to distance himself from the entire steroid issue, desperately wanting people to believe he was an innocent bystander. His latest comments included these words: "While the issues which have swirled around this record will continue to work themselves toward resolution, today is a day for congratulations on a truly remarkable achievement." Enough already, Bud!

Again, I'm glad this is finally over. I'll be very happy if I hear or see nothing else about Barry Bonds breaking the all-time home run record.

I have a feeling my happiness will be hard to come by.

The Lady

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Unknown said...

You are always so correct. Selig is up to something. He looks like a horse's ass for this one. He needed to do something months ago. Passing on the game is just bad form. Time to take away the lifetime appointment of comissioner.