LADY AT THE BAT: The Kennedy Clan Comes To The Bronx

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Kennedy Clan Comes To The Bronx

So, it won't be Kei Igawa replacing Mike Mussina in the rotation after all. Mussina's out and Ian Kennedy will make his Major League debut this weekend against the Devil Rays. I really don't know anything about Kennedy, aside from the fact that he's highly touted by the Yankees. But the fact that they're going with Kennedy over Igawa speaks volumes to me.

Obviously, the Yankees don't think Igawa can make it in the Big Leagues. If they did, he'd be the one starting this weekend against Tampa Bay. They have such little confidence in him that they'd rather go with a kid who's never thrown a pitch in the Major Leagues. It appears the Yankees are stuck with a highly-paid minor leaguer. They couldn't even pull off that trade they were trying to make with the Padres that would have sent him to San Diego. This guy is worse than Hideki Irabu! At least Irabu was able to put together some consistency at times.

My friend Nancy thinks that whoever scouted Igawa had it in for Brian Cashman. A few seasons ago George Steinbrenner finally relented and gave Cashman complete control of the team. A scout loyal to George Steinbrenner may have sabatoged things by turning in a phony scouting report on Kei Igawa. I guess anything is possible. In any case, the Yankees will have to get very creative if they want to get the albatross called Kei Igawa off of their necks.

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Unknown said...

Common sense from Cashman. Too bad he didn't exercise it last year when he signed Igawa.

Youthful pitchers with Mo, Rocket and Andy will learn more in 5 weeks in the majors then leaving them in AAA.