LADY AT THE BAT: A Saturday Ladybug Special: A-Rod's 500th

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Saturday Ladybug Special: A-Rod's 500th

Since July 25th I've been glued to my TV, waiting and hoping with the rest of Yankees Universe. I've raced through the streets like a madwoman, trying to get home in time; I've run around my apartment like it was on fire, trying to get things done in time; and, I've sat on the job praying that he wouldn't hit it while I was trying to raise money for the arts. Today was no different: I'd been running errands all morning and arrived home just before game time. As soon as I slipped out of my shoes I realized I'd forgotten to pick something up at the store down the street. The top of the first inning was about to begin. Dare I try it?

I took the dare. I had too. Otherwise I'd stretch out across my bed, get too comfortable and pay for it later. After I'd paid for my purchases I ran up the block, into the building, and into my apartment just before Derek Jeter's base hit. Bobby Abreu followed with a walk and that set the stage for A-Rod.

He swung at the at the first pitch he saw from Kyle Davies, but didn't know if it was fair or foul. He watched for a few seconds, and when he saw that it was clearly headed into the field level seats in left field, he took his 500th home run trot. Finally!

It would have been more fun to watch if there was no chance of it curving foul, if it was a no-doubter the moment it left A-Rod's bat. But heck, 500 is 500. People will still pay the $129.95 for the commemorative 500 home run bat I just saw advertised. Yep, he hits number 500, then, before the game's even over, YES airs a commercial for a commemorative Alex Rodriguez 500 home run bat. *sigh* (The Yankees aren't the ones selling the bat; it's some other company.)

Anyway, congratulations Alex Rodriguez. Here's hoping you stay healthy and happy for the next ten years. If you do, you'll be the true and rightful all-time home run leader. The Lady

[Photo: Frank Franklin II/AP]


sue @ postcards from paradise falls said...

congrats to alex... i've always liked him and this is a milestone i can be happy about.

Anonymous said...

His wife actually missed it. She was on her way into the Stadium while he was hitting it. Coincidence? Hmmmmm...