LADY AT THE BAT: Moose Calls From The Bullpen?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Moose Calls From The Bullpen?

After hearing today that Mike Mussina might be taken out of the rotation if he continues to pitch poorly, I was ready to applaud Joe Torre and GM Brian Cashman. Great, I thought. They think they have a chance to get to the playoffs and they're willing to do anything for it. But when I heard that one of the choices to replace Moose was Kei Igawa, I stopped in my tracks.

Kei Igawa is not better than Mike Mussina. If they're going to put Igawa back in the rotation they're definitely not serious about winning this year. I'd much rather see a proven veteran get smacked around than a rookie, who hasn't proven anything to anyone yet, get blown to smithereens.

Of course, there's also Ian Kennedy, who's supposed to be the goods. The Yankees were right about Joba Chamberlain. Perhaps they were right about Kennedy. I sure hope so.

The Lady

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