LADY AT THE BAT: A-Rod To The (Peter) Max

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A-Rod To The (Peter) Max

Before last night's game against the Orioles, the Yankees held a ceremony to celebrate A-Rod's 500th career home run. While I watched it I thought, Either the Yankees really want A-Rod to stay or they can't wait for him to opt out.

When I saw one of the gifts, three "works of art" from Peter Max, I began to think it was the latter. I know Peter Max is known as a pop artist, but how cheesy can you get? He gave Alex the two paintings shown above, plus some kind of "sculpture" made of bats, which tumbled to the ground when the cover was lifted from it. Created with the same silly pastel colors, it looked just as cheesy as the paintings.

I tried to gauge A-Rod's reaction to the artwork and my guess is that he didn't like it very much. However, knowing that it carries the potential of a small fortune I'm sure he'll have no problem getting used to it.

The Lady

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