LADY AT THE BAT: Sheff Stands His Ground & Avoids The 'Roids Talk

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sheff Stands His Ground & Avoids The 'Roids Talk

Last night Gary Sheffield returned to Yankee Stadium for the first time since last season and, in the Tigers 8-5 win over the Yankees, he was a quiet 0-3 with two walks. Before the game, however, there was nothing quiet about him.

Speaking with the media, Sheffield said, "I don't have to clear up nothing. I meant what I said, said what I meant -- and I stand by it," referring to his assertion that Joe Torre treats black players differently than white players.

Of course he'll stand by what he said. He'll say anything to avoid questions about steroids and his role in the whole Balco mess. A few months ago he was saying disparaging things about Barry Bonds' size, pointing out how he, himself, hasn't gotten any bigger. Neither has Rafael Palmiero, Sheff.

Now he's using Joe Torre as his shield. For his part, when asked if he'd speak to Sheffield during the series with Detroit, Torre said, "Probably not."

Will the media take a lesson from Torre? Will they stop asking him about racism and ask him more questions about steroids? Probably not.

The Lady

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